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Design management

the function of general designer

3D visualization of architectural objects

3D visualization can be carried out simultaneously with the manufacture of the layout, or be the only way to present the object.

Based on the existing architectural drawings using the program 3ds Max, a 3D model of the building or the building area is created.

The model can also be created in specialized architectural programs, such as AutoDesk Revit Architecture or Archicad, then its appearance is perfected with the help of 3ds Max.

A model of the object's site is created: a relief, roads, sidewalks, water reservoirs, landscaping.

Each element of the model (walls, roof, windows, etc.) is assigned the appropriate finishing material (texture).

Sources of light are installed.

Optimal points of view of the object (camera) are selected.

Then begins the process of rendering - creating a photorealistic image of the object.

The whole process of creating high-quality 3D visualization, especially large objects, requires a lot of time and resources of technology.

Design project of architectural lighting

It is created on the basis of the already completed 3D model of the building.

Preliminary lighting calculation helps to determine the parameters of lighting equipment. Next - on the 3D-model, lighting devices with preset parameters are installed, and a real physical model of the illumination of the object at night is created.

Design of interiors and small architecture

It is, as a rule, an integral part of the architectural presentation of civil and residential objects. This type of visual design allows you to create a complete realistic view of the interior, including decoration, furniture, lighting and accessories, as well as see fragments of landscaping adjacent territory.

Thus, the presentation materials presented in the form of a voluminous backlit layout, an album with 3D realistic graphics, architectural lighting design and interiors create an impressive and exhaustive picture of the future design object, convincing both for the customer and for the local architecture authorities.

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